ARC Review: Emergency Contact by H.K. Choi

*I would like to sincerely thank Simon & Schuster Canada for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Emergency Contact is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell meets The Promise of Amazing by Rob Constantine.

Penny is a college freshman pursuing her passiin for creative writing. She struggles with anxiety and family drama, all of which served to make her a very realistic character. I related to her on so many levels--our field of study, our mutual stressed out personalities--that I found her an extremely likeable protagonist.

There were so many little character details strewn through the novel that I found myself filing them away into imaginary folders, just as the two main characters do for one another as they come to know each other. Penny's wit and love for storytelling really drew me to her, and I loved the exploration of her character and tendencies.

The romance was a slow burn and very realistic. Both characters were extremely flawed and fundamentally believable, and it made sense that they ended up together. It was evident how deeply they cared for one another, and how true their bond. Sam was a great love interest who kept you on your toes--there were many moments where I was utterly uncertain as to whether the two characters would end up together at all. The unpredictability and episodic nature of the story made it continually compelling to read.

The aspect of family was another theme I really enjoyed, and the novel doesn't shy away from some big issues. The ending was satisfactory in how it dealt with some of those issues--everything was resolved, though not so perfectly as to be unrealistic.

The incorporation of texting into the novel was a stroke of genius. It was so interesting to see the characters' thoughts reflected in text messages, and it truly grounded the story in a modern setting. I thought it was an extremely believable means for Sam and Penny to get to know each other, especially given the day and age we live in.


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