Character Inspired Look: Padmé Amidala from the Star Wars Saga

If you know ANYTHING about me, it's that I love Star Wars. (I feel like every other blog post I do is on Star Wars, lol!) Star Wars Celebration kicked off in Orlando today, so I was inspired to create a Padmé Amidala makeup look. Follow these makeup tips to travel to a galaxy far, far away....

Padmé aesthetic edited by me.

Padmé's makeup look in the films is equal parts feminine and fierce. As a senator, she faces opposition both within the senate and out from those who would have her silenced. Her makeup is an outward representation of her strength and allure.

If you are doing a Padme cosplay or Halloween costume, you may want to begin by using makeup to emphasize your features to look like Natalie Portman's. If you simply want a Padme-inspired look for everyday, feel free to skip this step. Padme's brows are quite straight, with a slight, even curve, so you could try to replicate her brow shape. In addition, her cheekbones are very defined, so consider contouring with a bronzer to achieve the same effect. If you want extra authenticity, you could add two beauty marks, like the actress Natalie Portman has.

As an extra, you could consider painting your nails white. I once read (In the Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary 2006 Edition) that Padme painted her thumbnails white as it was a tradition among the girls in her village on Naboo. Alternatively, in the funeral scene, her nails were painted a sheer light pink.

Attack of the Clones Makeup
Begin with a sheer, natural base that gives a dewy look. Particularly in the packing scene, Padme can be seen with a very natural dewy glow. For the film, makeup artist Lesley Vanderwalt used MAC eyeshadow in the shade Bark (a dark brown) all over Natalie's lids. Another MAC eyeshadow in the shade Quarry (a plum mauve) was blended into the crease. The crease colour was blended outward on the browbones to create a slight cat-eye effect. Her eyeshadow also appears to be blended along her lower lashline to balance the look. On cheeks, Vanderwalt blended a Stila cream blush in the colour Camellia. Finally, a sheer plumberry colour was applied to the lips (Vanderwalt used Stila lipstick in Natalie). I did not use the same products, because I buy only cruelty-free makeup, but you can easily find similar colours and products in the drugstore.

My Padme inspired makeup pictured on the right.

Revenge of the Sith Makeup
Makeup artist Nikki Gooley used Stila eyeshadow in Barefoot Contessa (a unique light brown shimmer) all over the lids, then blended out with Stila moonlight (a white highlight shade). The lashline was defined with another Stila powder eyeshadow in Java (a dark brown). There is some shadow blended along her lower lashline, though I'm not sure of which eyeshadow. Once again, a Stila cream blush was used, this time in the colour Peony. For lipstick, Gooley used a Stila shade in the colour Jo, which was applied sparingly then topped with a small amount of gloss for a natural sheen.

Attack of the Clones Makeup:
Revenge of the Sith Makeup:


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