My Most Anticipated Reads of 2017 (...Part One)

With a new year comes a new set of books to be published. Here are a few I’m especially looking forward to.

1. The Trials of Apollo: Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan, coming out May 2
Apollo: god of music, light, and prophecy. Not usually described as gawky, awkward, and unskilled, but ever since being cast down from Mount Olympus, Apollo has been confined to a mortal form. After the events of The Hidden Oracle, Apollo must leave the safety of Camp Half-Blood and set out on a quest to restore the Oracles in the hopes of being welcomed back on Mount Olympus.

I began reading Rick Riordan’s books in sixth grade, and I can honestly say I will probably read anything that this man writes. His middle grade books are always witty and educational, with diverse characters and good role models.

2. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas, coming out May 2
Feyre Acheron, has infiltrated the Spring Court to gather information and gain allies for the impending war against the faerie king of Hybern. While she tracks the moves made by her ex-fiancé Tamlin, she must attempt to deceive the members of the Spring Court into believing she is still in love with him. Meanwhile in the Night Court, Feyre’s mate and inner circle must operate from the shadows to prepare for the inevitability of war across Prythian.

I marathoned the first two books in this series last summer. Among many things, I want to discover what has happened to Feyre’s sisters since becoming fae. I’m also excited to see how things play out in the Spring Court now that Feyre is High Lady—I’m so ready to see her whoop some butt haha. I have so many theories and hopes for this next installment, May 2 can’t come soon enough!

3. Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh, coming out May 16
This newest novel is the first in a series set in a samurai society. When faced with an attempt on her life due to a marriage arrangement, she must infiltrate the ronin gang tasked with assassinating her and discover who has ordered her death.

I love Renee Ahdieh’s first duology, The Wrath & The Dawn and The Rose & the Dagger (you can find my review here!), and I will literally read anything she writes. She writes in such a lyrical, poetic way, and the worlds she creates are so immersive it’s impossible not to be drawn into the story.

4. Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare, coming out May 23
This second book in The Dark Artifices series follows the Shadowhunters of the Los Angeles Institute as they recover from the events of the previous installment. Emma Carstairs is torn between her love for her Parabatai Julian and her desire to protect him—which would mean shutting him out. Meanwhile, unrest is growing in the faerie courts over the Cold Peace. Is war inevitable? And with even Julian’s own brother being a half-faerie, who can the Shadowhunters trust?

As always, some information has been released through teasers and snippets and may I just say that I have never been more excited for a Cassandra Clare book. I am extremely intrigued by the faeries in the shadow world, and according to teasers, part of Lord of Shadows will take place in Faerie! The book is expected to be around 700 pages, four familiar characters will die, and the end will have an insane plot twist! I am equal parts ecstatic and apprehensive—Cassandra Clare’s plot twists can be brutal!

5. Because You Love to Hate Me, coming out July 11
Featuring 13 tales of misunderstood villains, this book is a collaboration between thirteen authors and thirteen popular BookTubers, among them one of my favourite YouTubers, Sasha Alsberg. Among the authors are Renee Ahdieh and Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles. I can’t wait to see what they’ve all created!

And that concludes part one of my most anticipated book releases of 2017. May is going to be a busy month with all those books being published! I am beyond excited. Stay tuned for part two!


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