Things I love about attending university

This is not a book-related post per se, but to me, reading is about the pursuit of knowledge and adventure, and university is similar in that respect.

Commuting to campus
No, really. I’m not living in residence, so as a result I spend quite a lot of time heading to and from campus. There’s an inherently calming quality to having a separation between school and the outside world, and especially on rainy days I appreciate having a bit of time to just slow down and not concern myself with my to-do list, even just for a short while.

The Experiences of the Instructors
Many of the educators I’ve met–Professors and TA’s alike–have extensive experience in their field, but also stories to share about their travels. My Archaeology prof has spent years exploring the Yucatan, taking part in excavations surrounding Maya culture. My English TA has a Shakespeare company. Everyone seems so accomplished, and it’s a truly inspirational thing to be surrounded by people whose paths have been so widely travelled.

Getting to explore courses that interest you
In sharp contrast to high school, I am able to select courses that are meaningful and intriguing to me personally. Instead of having a set schedule with only one or two option classes I’ve chosen myself, I can cultivate my entire schedule with lots of freedom in which courses I select. The opportunities to explore are boundless, regardless of your major! Right now I am taking several classes not directly related to my major--archaeology and Greek and Roman studies, for example!

The Campus
While I’m rushing from one end of campus to the other in a mad dash to reach my next class on time, I always try to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is around me. My campus is filled with green spaces, cool paved paths, and public art installations. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the perpetual motion of rushing  from one thing to another, so it’s nice to take the opportunity to look around and appreciate my surroundings.

By University, most of us have at least an idea of where our interests lie, and our chosen major is often based on this. When you are surrounded by people that share your major--these are your people. They share your interests and passions and dreams. My Shakespearean english course is my favourite so far, because of the new people I have met through choosing to major in English. That said, some classmates are all kinds of distracting–I’m talking to you, boy-who-watches-cat-videos-in-lecture.

The constant access to coffee
Or, in my case, tea and chai lattes. Seriously, you can’t walk very far without running into some chain coffeeshop or cute café on campus. I have counted at least four different Tim Horton’s so far! There’s even a coffee place in one of the libraries! It’s great for the coming winter chill because you are able to pop by a coffee shop in between class to grab a warm tea.

All the libraries
Being an intellectual institution, libraries on campus are to be expected. But I know of at least three at my university! One of them is more modern and social while the others err on the side of tradition. It’s nice to be able to switch up your study location based on your mood that day! It’s so much grander than the library at my old high school, which is dwarfed by the huge several-storeyed libraries dotted across the campus!

My university experience has been great so far. For all the reading and craziness, I’m happy to be where I am and to have the opportunity to further my education. I’m thankful for the people I’ve met, and I look forward to everything I have yet to experience!


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